interior laundromatWhy Spend 1, 2, or 3 Days Doing Your Laundry?

Get it done in 2-3 Hours at Sue's Laundromat in the Piedmont Shopping Center off Lee Highway /Rt. 29 in the heart of Warrenton VA. Yes, At Sue's Laundromat you can get all of your laundry done in 2-3 hours with any of our 64 state-of-the-art coin operated Dexter washers and dryers. 

Use as many machines as you need to get it all done at once.

Wash, Dry, & Fold Service - Get Your Laundry Done in 4 minutes... 2 to drop it off and 2 to pick it up!


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Busy Families  •  Travelers  •  Construction Workers  •  Sports Teams
Busy Schedule?  Let us wash your clothes for you!

Don't have time to do your laundry yourself? No worries. You are not alone; everyone seems to be busy these days. Why spend your precious time with a task easily done by others?

Many of our customers enjoy our full service Wash, Dry & Fold service. That is right we will do your laundry for you.


Bring it in like this!
dirty clothes in basket
Take it home like this!
folded clean clothes

Our drop off service lets you simply drop it off, and we return your washed and folded laundry

later the same day smelling clean and neatly folded!

Many of our repeat customers have washers and dryers at home, but they chose to use our facility for speed. In today's world, both mom and dad work. It is not uncommon that they hold off on this task until the weekend. With busy weekend schedules (soccer, baseball, football, etc.), time becomes an issue. A car full of clothes washed in 60 minutes leaves time for those family activities!

interior laundromatinterior laundromatinterior laundromat

Our customers come from throughout Northern Virginia to use our clean, modern laundromat with affordable and reliable services to wash their clothes. The large capacity washers and dryers get their clothes done efficiently. We have Washers that easily handle multiple loads using less soap.

Our Mega load machines effectively handle heavy duty loads for families, sport teams, construction workers and more.

Why Use Sue's Self Serve Laundromat?

While located in Warrenton Virginia, many of our customers come from Prince William, Fauquier, Stafford, and Culpeper. You too will enjoy the high efficiency of our NEW washers and dryers. Our modern high extraction equipment spins a higher RPM providing shorter drying times.  We even have laundry supplies available in our handy vending machines including soap, bleach, and fabric softener.

Traveling Sports Teams on tournaments like clean uniforms for each game and will stop in to wash the whole team’s uniforms all at once to look sparkling clean for the next game. Family needs for large items are also of high interest.

Do you really want to burden your home level machines with:

Count on our large capacity washers and large capacity dryers to efficiently get the job of washing your clothes done without having to worry about excessive loads on your own machines. Now, that is a BARGAIN!

Advantages of Sue's Laundromat:unhappy woman with dirty laundry


We take security very seriously. Our security-focused layout enables easy views of all aisles throughout the Laundromat. Our large windows enable exterior views at all times. Our friendly on site staff is always available to assist.